About us

BTM Co, also known as BeTuMar Endüstriyel Denizcilik Ürünleri Danışmanlık İthalat ve İhraçat Ltd. Şti, is a Turkish company established since 2005 to facilitate foreign investments and project management in Turkey and its neighboring countries.

The aim of the company was to and has become a mayor player into the Marine industry. A large variety of products coming from different countries have been supplied for Commercial projects as well as for the Turkish Navy, Turkish State companies or for the Fishery & Pleasance market.
The expansion of the company trough its panel of products that have different purposes orientations has made it entering the Industrial & Energy sectors. Contacts & Agreements with mayor Contractors have been done in order to expand the products locally & abroad.

Trough thrustful contacts from BTM Co management, consulting as well as project realization or supervisement have been naturally integrated into the team. Today, requests for local establishments information up to specified man power needs are dealed by BTM Co.

BTM Co is a company that is increasing its capacities even trough the 2008 started crises as it is based on quality, partnership and long vision terms.

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