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SMST Rodenstaal bv is a certified supplier of hatch cover systems. Under the Rodenstaal brand name SMST offers several types of pontoon hatch cover handling cranes. The high quality of our Rodenstaal hatch cover systems has earned a reputation in the shipbuilding industry. Rodenstaal navy products have a 25-year history.


SMST products and services are used worldwide in a variety of market sectors. The four markets where SMST is currently active are: Energy oil & gas, Maritime, Navy and Industry. These sectors are described briefly with examples of products delivered by SMST for these specific sectors. The strength of being a player in several different markets is to introduce technologies commonly used in one market into another one creating innovative solutions.

1. Energy, oil & gas

This market is one of the largest for SMST. We have delivered products and services to the energy market since the company’s establishment. The main SMST focus is the upstream energy market, starting with products for geotechnical investigations, development and production of drilling vessels, pipe installation vessels up to subsea installation vessels and work-over vessels. We have delivered a wide variety of pipe-handling equipment, such as BOP-handling, PLET-handling, ultra-deepwater cranes, motion-compensation deep-sea winch systems, to name just a few. For this sector we are currently focusing on ultra-deep-water installation (>3000m) with or without extreme low-temperature applications, so-called arctic conditions.

2. Maritime

The Maritime sector is an important one for SMST. We design and build equipment for vessels working offshore, construction vessels, general cargo vessels, RORO vessels, dredging and rock dumping and also luxury yachts. With all these being different markets, our products are also designed according to the different rules, regulations and industry standards, where available. As with all the products delivered by SMST, our focus is on delivering systems with superior functionality and quality. For the maritime sector we have delivered hatch cover systems, offshore cranes, cargo ramps, grain bulkheads, tweendecks and yacht equipment such as cranes and davits.
The products for the general cargo vessels are supplied mainly under the ‘Rodenstaal’ brand. SMST Rodenstaal BV offers several types of pontoon hatch cover handling cranes.

3. Navy

Rodenstaal hangar doors have been delivered to navy vessels for some 25 years. Recently the supply scope has been augmented with the delivery of new navy products, such as navy stern doors, navy flydeck container hatches and IMM Escape Hatches. Navy products are supplied mainly under the ‘Rodenstaal’ brand.
Navy products can be delivered in combination with our deck cranes, davits, diving bell systems, winches etc. and can be executed in steel, stainless steel and reinforced plastics.

4. Industry

As a company focusing mainly on shipping and offshore, our land-based industry sector might appear to be inappropriate for the delivery of products and services. But look closely and there are similarities with other sectors.
For instance: systems for container handling and moving heavy loads are no different to the systems used on board offshore vessels.

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