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Air to Air cooling

With its extensive product range VDL Klima boasts a firm foothold across various market sectors. we can include numerous Original Equipment Manufacturers among our clientele. As such our box cooler, Shell & Tube and axial fans are deployed by the shipping and maritime industries across the globe. In addition to which, the air/water cooler is used to cool the Azipod, for example. Aside from the air/water cooler, the air/air cooler is often deployed
within the electromechanical market, within the energy generation and conversion segment in particular. Axial fans aid the drying process of potatoes, onions and flower bulbs for example within the agricultural sector. VDL Klima supplies various bespoke heat exchangers for the industrial sector. As engineering and realization are so closely interlinked, VDL Klima can offer innovative, customer-specific and comprehensive manufacturing solutions, including to the semi-conductor and renewable energy industries; for example, wind farms, solar power, etc.

Air/air coolers
The air/air cooler is used to cool a closed air circuit by means of a secondary (indoor or outdoor) air circuit. Air/air coolers are mainly utilized when a specific IP protection class is required but there is too little or no cooling water available and air/water cooling is therefore impossible.

Both an air/water and air/air cooler guarantees a constant high efficiency of the cooled machine and extends the service life of the machine by protecting it against contaminants in the external environment.

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