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Sheet Metal – Customized Machines

BALLIU NV Machine Tool Corporation – COMPANY PROFILE

Founded in 1894 in Gent, Belgium, BALLIU MTC nv quickly gained a good reputation in the machine engineering business. In the beginning of the 1970’s, with the emerging commercial applications of LASER technology, we focused on developing the first LASER equipped machines for the industry. In 1998 we moved to our newly build 10000m² production facility in Lokeren. In 2003 BALLIU MTC nv joined the OGEPAR-group, a financially strong holding of company’s, several of them in the machine manufacturing business.

Today, BALLIU MTC nv is a sound, export-oriented (more than 90%) company with a extensive sales- and service organisation. Our sole business is developing and manufacturing LASER-equipped machines for all kinds of applications and materials, whether it is a titanium wire frame for sunglasses or the turbine of a jet engine. We broadened our specialities from laser cutting to laser welding and cladding. We have a complete range of standard products for laser-cutting, welding and cladding, with or without automatic loading- and unloading equipment. Our ability to integrate and adapt our machines to our clients’ needs is the base of our success.


1. “Linear drive Coil” Cutter
This custom made machine is designed for high speed cutting of thin disks out of a coil. The disks are used to form a sandwiched bottom of a cooking pot/pan. The machine works 24/7. Operator intervention is only required when changing coils and emptying the scrap box if no conveyor is used.

2.COMPACT LD1250c Sheet Cutter
The LD1250 is the pallet-less version of the LD1250PS. Sheets are put on a drawer that is pulled out of the cutting area via the front door. The maximum sheet size is 1250 x 1250 mm. The machine together with the laser only take up a surface of 4 x 5 sqm. The 2 kW laser allows you to cut 15 mm thick steel. Heavier lasers are possible. The performance specs are identical to the LD1250PS.

3. Disk valve cutter with scrap/part separation

4. LCF 600: coil sheet cutting
This machine is part of a production cycle:

  • A coil of sheet material enters from the left side in steps of 600 mm
  • In the laser cutting machine a maximum surface of 600 x 600 mm is cut. If small pieces are cut they fall in a container underneath the cutting area. The resulting scrap leaves the machine on the right. Large pieces are cut in 600 mm steps. The scrap drops in the container underneath while the finished product leaves the machine to the right. There the next production cycle (ex. Bending of cable gutter) can take place.
  • The LCF 600 is integrated in the production line: the production line control center chooses the cutting program and start/stops the LC F600.

5. CF 5000 TW: dual head sheet cutting
The CF 5000 TW is a twin laser, twin cutting head laser cutting machine. The distance between the cutting heads is adjustable to reduce the residual scrap. The twin heads ensure high volume copy cutting. The machine can be equipped with one big pallet of 5000 x 1500 mm or 2 smaller ones of 2500 x 1500 mm.

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