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Promac provides low maintenance and durable evaporators with unique designs and high heat transfer rates. Evaporator-based fresh water systems which utilize waste heat from the main engine or an auxiliary engine. Capacities ranging from 1.500 up to 30.000 liters per 24 hours. Historic proven concept, easy to handle and energy saving techniques are the key-words for success.

The Promac TCS range of evaporators includes 14 models in standard. The evaporator, can be installed on-board vessels and land-based facilities. The basic operation is founded on the processing of salt water into fresh water, through the principle of vacuum distillation, using a heat source between 60°C and 90°C, normally from the cooling water of the engines. Promac TCS evaporators are Text Water Treatment for BTMCo Website installed on steel frames, ready for installation in the engine room on-board of ships.

When seawater is heated under vacuum the water will vaporize at a temperature of only 40 ° C. This principle, heating of water under vacuum, underlies the operation of the evaporator. Vapor to the evaporator used to produce a heat source, often residual heat from the diesel engines. The evaporator is fed with a controlled amount of seawater in the heat exchanger. Here the seawater is heated and evaporated under vacuum.

The part of the sea water which has evaporated will be discharged continuously. The vaporizer uses the heat of the fresh water cooling system of the engines of the ship. This relatively warm cooling water that can reach a temperature of 75-90 ° C, passes through the heat exchanger. The production will be at maximum when the temperature variation between the entry and exit of the equipment is 8°C.

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