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Oily Water Separator

Oily water separators (Bilgewater cleaners) delivered by Promac
For several years Promac is our exclusive supplier for oily water separation systems. Many customers found their way to clean their bilge water by Promac
support and services.

What is Bilgewater?
Bilgewater is a mixture of various of substances that are located in the bilge of a vessel . Bilgewater consists mainly of fresh water (condens), oil, seawater, chemicals,sludge, dirt and other fluids that are located in the bilge of a vessel. Oil and chemicals that is located in the bilge are coming from leakages from various machinery in the engine room of the vessel. Freshwater of Seawater are mostly coming from leaking pipelines or condensation from the vessels plating. Leaking pumps and valves located in the engine room are also a source of leakages. The mixture of all those liquids in the bilge of the vessel is so called Bilgewater.

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