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ABC Generating Set @ Dual Fuel

ABC Generating Sets
ABC manufactures diesel engines available with various power outputs. These engines, in combination with an alternator, positions ABC to offer powerful power generation solutions. Little known are the low maintenance intervals required for our solutions. Combined low cost of ownership, high uptime and reliability of the alternator explains our large installed base.


  • DX(S)(C) engine:
    138 up to 883 kW
    (600 – 750 rpm)
  • DZC engine:
    1032 up to 2000 kW
    (720 – 1000 rpm)
  • (V)DZC engine:
    2064 up to 4000 kW
    (720 – 1000 rpm)
  • DL36 engine:
    3120 up to 5200 kW
    (600 – 750 rpm)

ABC Dual Fuel engines
Once more an example of ABC’s engineering capabilities and competences, already in the 80’s we offered this technical solution. One of the main advantages of a dual fuel engine is that it can run on diesel oil at any time. This ensures the continuity of the engine in case of unavailability of the main fuel for whatever reason.

Download datasheets of all ABC engines:

DX medium speed diesel engine

DZ medium speed engine datasheet

(V)DZ medium speed engine datasheet

DL36 medium speed engine datasheet

ABC Dual Fuel datasheet

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