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Separator Units

As a flexible module manufacturer and our knowledge in HFO processes, we are the right partner to deliver separator plants. The separator plants are mainly used to remove the water and mechanical impurities contained in fuel and lubricants for diesel engines. From small to very large plants we are capable to deliver custom designed units with the separator brand of your choice. The same advantages apply here as for our fuel supply modules. We give an added value to the separators which is unsurpassed in the industry.

The units are build from small capacity hand cleaning diesel oil separator for small ships up to large plants with integrated sludge tanks including all controls and piping systems for large container liners or dredging vessels. Due to the completeness of the units a lot of time is saved at the shipyard. The system is ready to run after piping and power supplies are connected. The systems mainly comprise of units for treating

  • Marine Diesel Oil / Gas Oil
  • Lubricating Oil
  • Heavy Fuel Oil

In which the separators can act as clarifier and / or purifier in any required configuration.

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