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Fishhold & Cooling Systems

The cooling units are designed in close mentioned co-operation with our customers especially, we will improve and optimize cooling in the upper levels to services supported by our slogan ” HIGH QUALITY REFRIGERATION CREATES THE FOUNDATION FOR HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS “. Your experiences and constructive criticism notes are the foundation to realize your requirements, however our services guarantees an optimum, free of obligation, services and personal support for uncomplicated periods of system running for several operational years. Herewith you are invited to take the challenge to contact for more detailed information. Your choices together with our services offers sufficient routes to succeed in higher quality of refrigeration products, this for several years in the future.

Slurry Ice

Brand new to the cooling market is the newly designed “Slurry” (liquid) ice production. The fishing market especially was searching for an easy handling, standard Slurry ice installation, which satisfies all requirements for cooling too all kind of fish. Primary the needs where basically founded on the following requirements:

  • Variable and sufficient capacity.
  • As compact as possible, however offers sufficient room for self (on-board) maintenance.
  • Comprehensible to ships crew to detect and resolve minor failures when arise.
  • “Plug and Play” system.

Direct cooling and indirect cooling

Possible to supply direct and indirect cooling systems. Promac is able to deliver and build the following installations for offshore, fishing or land based industries.

  • Air- forced cooling systems
  • Blast Freezer installations

All installations are ship or building specific. The size of the installation needs to be calculated by one of our refrigerations experts. to make you an offer for a direct or indirect cooling installation for your project.For more information about the cooling installations please click on the read more button.

Refrigerated Sea Water RSW

Promac designs en manufacture refrigerated sea water systems (RSW systems) for different kind of vessels.Promac delivers 2 kind of RSW systems:

  • Large capacities (Original RSW system)
  • Smaller capacities ( Slurry ice RSW system)

The advantage of the Slurry ice RSW system is that the Installation also can be used as slurry ice application in stead of rsw system.

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