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Icemaking Systems

The cooling units are designed in close mentioned co-operation with our customers especially, we will improve and optimize cooling in the upper levels to services supported by our slogan ” HIGH QUALITY REFRIGERATION CREATES THE FOUNDATION FOR HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS “. Your experiences and constructive criticism notes are the foundation to realize your requirements, however our services guarantees an optimum, free of obligation, services and personal support for uncomplicated periods of system running for several operational years. Herewith you are invited to take the challenge to contact for more detailed information. Your choices together with our services offers sufficient routes to succeed in higher quality of refrigeration products, this for several years in the future.

Flake Ice

Flake Ice consists of small flat pieces of ice produced from fresh or salt water. It is used in concrete cooling, cooling seafood, in meat processing and in a whole range of industrial processes. The most important application of flake Ice is in the area of fishery cooling, food industry and area’s where temperature needs to been controlled especially in hot climates.

Plate Freezers (New)

The plate freezers are often used on-board fishing vessels where the processed catches are packaged and frozen, however on land for fish fillets. Prawns, shrimp, trout and similar. Plate freezers save valuable time and thereby ensure more improved overall economy.
Our wide range of plate freezers enables us to supply freezing solutions for shared refrigeration compressors or stand-alone freezers where the freezing unit and compressor are built together.

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