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Conventional type rudder systems

Fishtail rudder
The Promac Stuwa “fishtail rudder” will be placed directly behind the propellor of the vessel.
The rudder differs in several respects from a conventional balanced rudder.

The rudder is equipped with wide arched top and bottom plates that hold the water,causing a higher thrust occurs at the helm.
The rudder plating on both sides of the rudder at the rear have a sleek spout, making the water a few degrees more deflected towards the rudder.

Dynamic Rudder
Two Stuwa “dynamic Rudders” Are placed together behind the propellor of a ship. The dynamic rudders are a bit different than conventional balanced rudders:

  • The rudders are fitted with wide arched top and bottom plates that hold the water so a higher thrust to the rudders is created.
  • The rudders are made of curved plates and are asymmetrical composed.
  • The inside of the rudders is shorter and flatter out to propellor water during sailing ahead to minimize disruption.

Balance Rudder
Stuwa balance rudders are very suitable to control your ship.

Because of the balanced form, this reverts to little resistance on long journeys and good maneuverability in port.

Stuwa balanced rudder can be used in various configurations.

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