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Sewage Treatment

Promac waste water treatment services consists of 2 types of installations, however both operates on the same principles actually. The sewage treatment type OCS and BMA are applicable on all type of ships, offshore applications, living quarters and working platforms indeed, however some differences are as follows:
Both sewage treatment systems operates under same conditions actually, however depending on ship-board conditions the optimum solution can be advised by our technicians. Most structural system will be founded on the following characteristics:

  • Room to built-in availability.
  • Required capacities.
  • Preferable managing and monitoring systems.
  • Custom built requirements.
  • Customer preferences.

Promac delivered Sewage Treatment systems are designed for gravity and vacuum systems in total. The systems are designed on biological treatment principles. Our Sewage Treatment systems cleans all wast water produced. The black, grey and water from the galley will be collected in a mixing-tank.

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