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Towing Winches

Towing winches: worldwide expertise
They are available in different capacities and versions. Hundreds of winches have been installed for satisfied customers throughout the world.

Standard towing winches as well as complex render/recovery winches. For the latest development in this area, visit the Kraaijeveld SafeWinch page. Our customers see this new type as a safe and economical solution. The simple principle ensures long-term reliability and low cost.

All towing winches are equipped with sturdy brakes and step less friction couplings. For safety reasons we do not use claw couplings on drive drums. We ensure that our towing winches are low-maintenance. Surface treatment is always according to the highest maritime standards, prolonging the lifecycle of our winches. Towing winches are equipped with an oil-bath gearbox. Versions with open wheels are only produced if our customers have a specific preference for this type.

Our latest type is the anchor handling winch with a pedestal for a crane, incorporated in the winch frame. This solutions saves a lot of space on deck.

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