Our sectors

Main activity is related in 4 different sectors in which BTM Co has found several complementary requests concerning its activities. Several identical products may have a valuable interest in different markets.

1. Marine market:
First entered market by BTM Co and probably with the largest panel of proposed products. Started by offering main propulsion solution (diesel engines & generators) the logical & natural expansion was to globalize the proposal around these items. This by mean of propulsions systems (gearboxes & CPP / FPP) as well as cooling systems / fuel treatment and much more, all related into the Main Engine room.
A further expansion took place with deck equipment such cranes – fire fighting – winches and more.

2. Industrial market:
This market has been approached together with the Energy market as, in an emerging market as Turkey, Power Station requests appeared to happen more often and with fast decisions.
Turkey having several world wide Contractor player, it was an aim for BTM Co, together with his OEM manufactures partners, to propose several of equipments.
The proposed panel of equipment has been increased by the years and items for factories up to railway-locomotive needs have been provided.

3. Energy market:
All the equipment was in BTM Co hands in order to enter this high demanded sector of energy. No Country or factory can grow without being provided with adequate & stable energy. BTM Co Medium & High speed diesel engines converted to generators can satisfy this need. Alone or together with local Contractors, complete power stations may be engineered.

4. Construction & Real Estate:
Surfing on the high demand of houses and apartments in Turkey, a partnership has been settled in order to raise buildings in the Southern Area of Turkey. From this partnership appeared the need to respond to foreign contact demands to help them to settle in Turkey. As expats up to implementation of complete businesses.

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